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Terms of Business

Owner Responsibility:

  • Will declare that they are the legal owner and that all information presented is correct to the best of their knowledge.

  • Will take full responsibility to inform of all information about their dog’s health, history & wellbeing during consultation & treatment.

  • Will advise if your dog has ever bitten anyone or has any behavioural issues or aggressive tendencies.

  • Will inform of any changes in their dog’s condition and or behaviour.

  • When entering and exiting the Puddlehill Pawsitive Therapy the dog  must be kept on a lead at all times.

  • Ensure that you arrive in plenty of time to allow your dog the chance to toilet before their appointment. By arriving late it may mean that your dog does not receive their full treatment or/may need to be re-scheduled however you will still be charged for the original appointment.

  • Full payment is required for all treatments at the time of their therapy or in advance. Puddlehill Pawsitive Therapy will accept the following forms of payment Cash / Cheque / BACs /PayPal.  

  • Please provide 48 hours’ notice for cancellation of appointments. Please note that if appointments are not cancelled within 48 hours window, without a genuine veterinary or medical reason 100% of the fee is due and any new session is payable in advance.

  • Cancellation fees must be paid within 7 days.

  • Please ensure you keep me updated on any parasite control treatment being administered.

  • Puddlehill Pawsitive Therapy cannot treat a dog within 7 days of a topical treatment application.

  • If your dog is found to have fleas during treatment, the session will cease. An additional fee of £20 will be incurred on top of the treatment cost, due to having to reschedule further clients and deep cleaning.

Puddlehill Pawsitive Therapy Obligations & Responsibility:

  • Puddlehill Pawsitive Therapy can only treats dogs for which Veterinary Consent has been obtained.

  • Puddlehill Pawsitive Therapy reserves the right to refuse treatment to an animal.

  • Puddlehill Pawsitive Therapy reserves the right to stop a treatment at any time, to safeguard the wellbeing of the dog, owner and practitioner.

  • Puddlehill Pawsitive Therapy cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal items and belongings, including vehicles whilst on the premises, however sustained, nor can Puddlehill Pawsitive Therapy be held responsible for any personal injury whilst on site.

  • Please note extra charges will/may be incurred if treatment is carried out anywhere other than at my premises, but these charges will be discussed and agreed prior to treatment.

These terms of business may be updated at any time therefore it is the owner’s responsibility regularly check and to make note of any changes.

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