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What is Canine Massage Therapy?

Hands On Healing

Canine massage therapists specialise in treating dogs with chronic muscular pain and the associated compensatory issues.  By treating the pain symptoms and compensatory issues we will ultimately enhance mobility, physical health and wellbeing.  I will apply advanced clinical massage techniques specific to the individual dogs whilst providing a tailored supportive programme to perform at home to continue to strengthen and build the muscles whilst managing the chronic pain.   

Myalgia broken down means muscle pain, myotherapy broken down means muscle therapy – myo = muscle and is a complimentary muscle therapy which will specialise in:

  • Promoting muscle and soft tissue health

  • Repetitive strain injuries 

  • Chronic muscular pain 

  • Chronic postural and weight bearing issues

  • Releasing the myofascia which is the connective tissue system within every body

  • Support the body in the development of healthy scar tissue

  • Muscle tension 

  • Lameness which would typically be difficult to pinpoint

  • Compensatory issues 

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