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Who I Can Help

A Unique Approach

You may note subtle changes in your dog’s mobility and demeanour which may guide you to the fact that massage can help.  Dogs that do well from canine massage therapy are:

  • Dogs with mobility issues

  • Dogs with diagnosed arthritis 

  • Dogs with repetitive strain injuries commonly caused by too much ball throwing or environmental factors

  • Dogs with suspected compensatory issues from pain elsewhere in the body

  • Dogs with behaviour issues – dogs can behave out of character due to pain

  • Dogs with on-going lameness that can be intermittent or difficult to pinpoint

  • Dogs who are anxious or nervous – massage can help to build trust and calm down a worried dog.

  • Dogs who take part in sporting events or are working dogs.

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Diagnosed Conditions

Rehabilitation & Recovery

What Are The Benefits?

Sporting & Working Dogs


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