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What Makes Me Different?

Why Me?

So why choose me?  There are lots of reasons to choose me and I hope that by looking through me website it will be an easy choice but long story short, I believe in:​

Dog's Choice:

Dogs that I treat are treated on the floor or on a low level bed where they are

comfortable and are given the choice to either have the treatment or not.  I  will not chase the dog around the room and I will not be restrain the dog in any way to allow treatment to begin or continue.  By using this Guiding Principle I can quickly build a trusting relationship with the dog and the dog is able to communicate freely with me.  Therefore the approach I take with the dog is forming a relationship with the dog to enable us to deliver treatment through the dog’s choice. 

Owner Involvement:

When a dog is struggling with pain or due to anxiety the owner will feel they want to become involved within the treatment.  Therefore I will include you in the dog’s treatment plan showing you techniques that are safe to use along with exercise plans and adaptive environmental changes. 


Specialist Knowledge & Training at a High Level :

I am trained at an exceptionally high level and this training in anatomy and physiology is then directed in the functional application.  I understand your dog’s anatomy in terms of movement, how the body works and how stress and pain can be reflected through behaviour.  This knowledge helps me apply dog-centric and choice led treatments.  

Behavioural Understanding:

I will guide you in understanding how muscle pain can be demonstrated and reflected your dog’s behaviour.  This understanding and knowledge is invaluable when assessing and detecting changes and being able to describe them to you.  I also have an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour which also means I have a greater depth of knowledge in this understanding.

Knowledge Sharing:

The welfare of your dog is the primary concern to me and this takes precedence over all other considerations.  Not only will I share information about your dog with you vet regularly I will seek advice and opinions from other professionals, if required.  I will always advise you and guide you on best way forward for your dog.

To this end I work closely with vets and other canine health professionals.

Continual Development:

I will keep up to date with the latest developments, evidence and findings and will modify treatments and treatment plans to incorporate this.  As with all sciences there will always be new things to learn and discover and it is utterly important for animal welfare that I am at the forefront of this current understanding. As part of this I am a member of the following registering bodies as well as being accepted as being a member of the the Professional Dog Business UK Guide for owners and professionals.   

I am fully insured by Pet Business Insurance.

Registered Bodies

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Galen Myotherapy

- IAAT_main_CMYK.jpg

International Association of Animal Therapists

International Companion Animal Network

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