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Contraindications for Canine Massage Therapy

Things that may mean your dog cannot have treatment

As with all things things to do with massage there may be very good reasons why your dog cannot have a treatment.  This is mainly because if your dog's body is already having to work harder to maintain or reach homeostasis then myotherapy may not be beneficial or indeed may cause unnecessary stress to body systems that may already been working harder than they should.

If your furry friend has any of the following or falls into any of the categories we may need to rearrange your planned appointment.  

Please get in touch to discuss further.  

IMG_D5F64E732DCF-1 2.jpeg

Recent Traumatic Event

Dog in Cone

Recent Surgery

Dog Therapy

Undiagnosed Pain

Dog Eating Dog Food

Within Two Hours of Eating


The conditions/situations mentioned is not exhaustive therefore it is best and very important you discuss with me in more details about your dog's requirements, medication, previous medical history and your expectations.

Bulldog Scratching

Skin Infections Or Wounds

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