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Wondering What The Benefits Are?

Healing & Maintenance

Not only does canine massage therapy help to alleviate the obvious pain and stiffness your dog maybe feeling but it also has plenty of other benefits too.  These include:

  • Positively affecting ALL body systems which include the digestion process, circulatory function (improved blood circulation), neural pathways, immune system, urinary including excretory systems (enhanced lymphatic drainage), endocrine and reproductive systems.  

  • Improved mobility, flexibility and range of motion due to the fascia being released and muscle tension being released.

  • Improved gait, posture and weight bearing

  • Healthier coat and underlying skin structures.

  • Relaxing and stress reducing.

  • Faster recovery times from soft tissue injuries.

Therefore canine massage therapy isn't only for sporting & performance dogs, dogs undergoing rehabilitation or dogs with known underlying conditions - it will benefit all dogs whose owners feel they want their dogs have a stronger healthier life.  

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