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Treatments, Services & Prices


Initial Consultation & Treatment - £55.00 

Prior to my first treatment I will ask you to complete a questionnaire so I can assess the level of discomfort your dog may be in.  


At the initial consultation I will carry out a visual assessment, discuss with your any observations or concerns you may have ad complete a hands on palpation assessment.  From this I will formulate a treatment plan taking into account any documented history given to me by your vet.

The initial consultation and treatment will take longer than any subsequent treatments as this session is primarily about us learning from each other and your dog learning to trust me.  

What to expect at treatments

Follow Up Treatment & Maintenance - £45.00

Usually at follow up treatments your dog will either trust me or will be beginning to trust me and will allow me to begin my palpation assessment and treatment much quicker.

These sessions will also give us the time to discuss any changes you may have noticed in how your dog is moving, behaviour, mood and any effects following the previous treatment.  

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Photizo Vet Care, PEMF Therapy & Novafon

In some treatments I may use Photobiomodulation (Photizo Vet Care) or PEMF (pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy).  Photoizo is a compliment to a treatment.  This has the added benefits of:

  • aiding recovery and regeneration of muscles and joints.

  • will increase blood supply to wounds, muscles and joints

  • will reduces swelling and inflammation

  • has been shown to increase the immune system function

  • will offer pain relief due to the stimulation of endorphin and serotonin secretion

  • encourages natural self-healing and pain relief by working at a deeper cellular level creating biological effect

  • there is no risk of damage to tissue and does not require the use of laser goggles

PEMF Therapy will recharge the cells within the body as well as improving blood circulation and increases oxygen distribution around the body.  PEMF Therapy will also help the body with detoxification by opening up cell channels to allow for water and nutrients to pass through the body easier.  The therapy help cells to recover more quickly by the stimulation of energy into the cells of the muscles whilst also prevent cell breakdown which causes scar tissue and adhesions.

Novafon is a light vibration tool uses targeted local vibrations to provide deep stimulation to muscles, tissue and nerves. This reduces pain and normalises motion sequences as the result of compensatory postures, e.g. in orthopaedic or neurological disorders. 

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Exercise & Home Plans

After the initial treatment I will leave you with a comprehensive home recovery plan with environmental recommendations, exercises and massage techniques that can be performed by you in between treatments to support the treatment I have performed.  I will ensure that you are happy with everything we discuss and I show you before I leave.  These plans can be built on treatment by treatment.

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Treatment Schedule

Initial Consultation & Treatment - Allow Up to 90 minutes.

Follow Up Appointments - Allow Up to 60 minutes.

A course of canine massage therapy will consist of an initial consultation and treatment and two follow up appointments usually 10 to 12 days apart. The aim of my treatments means that I would have made huge improvements to your dogs problems and possible compensatory issues which means you should not need to see me quite as often for maintenance treatments, if you decide to proceed with keeping up with muscle therapy for maintenance benefits.  

After your dog's three treatments I will provide your vet with a comprehensive report informing the treatments performed along with a before and after summary including noticeable improvements.  

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Vet Consent - Usually Free

Before I can lay my hands on your dog I will require vet consent. Firstly, this is a legal requirement and any therapist who treats a dog without consent is working outside the Law.  The Veterinary Surgeons (Exception) Order 2015 states and allows for the treatment of an animal by physiotherapy but under direction and supervision and upon the recommendation of the treating vet who diagnosed the condition. ‘Physiotherapist’ is interpreted as including all kinds of manipulative therapy and will include osteopathy, chiropractic treatment and therefore myotherapy.  

Please contact me directly for a vet consent form for you to take to your vet or let me know your vet’s email address and I can do the work for you.  Alternatively hit the link form download link to download a form for you to take to your vet. 

Dog and his Vet

Owner Massage Techniques - £45.00

This bite size owner course not only teaches you the fundamentals of canine myotherapy for you use at home but will also include a postural assessment and gait analysis by myself, discussion with you about pain/discomfort indicators and completion of a comfort scale.  

This is ideal for the people on a budget on those of that remain skeptical.  


Distance Support Programme - £125.00

This programme was originally designed for owners who were not geographically close to a Galen Myotherapist.

This programme runs over a six week duration and is 1-2-1 professional guidance designed to achieve improvements in your dogs health.  I will devise a tailored programme for your dog and will then provide dedicated support to you via email, messaging, phone - whichever is your preferred method.  

How It Works:

In week one you will be sent a Galen Comfort Scale questionnaire to complete which will ask for specific photos and videos of your dog.  These are essential for me to perform a postural assessment.  The forms will also help me gather crucial information about your dogs environment and daily routine.

Once I have the information I will send you a report which explains your dog's current comfort levels, muscular health, posture and loading discrepancies and any other issues you may have noticed.  I will also supply you with the information to make a difference to your dog and also teach you had to apply two practical massage techniques.  

At the end of the six week period you will send me an updated Galen Comfort Scale questionnaire along with updated photos and videos.  This information will then allow me to provide you with an updated report so you can see the improvements that have been made.

Contact me to get started!

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