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Veterinary Services

Rehabilitation & Recovery

Canine massage therapy can help treat our four legged friends on the lead up to surgery, after surgery during the recovery phase and also after an injury.

Prior to surgery muscle therapy can help to relax any muscular tension, release any previous scar tissues or adhesions that may have built up and encourage the healthy tissues to be become more supple and healthier thereby allowing your dog to be in the best shape possible prior to surgery which will have the added bonus of helping with recovery time.  This is due to the lymphatic system working as efficiently as it can be which allows for the healing process to continue whilst eliminating toxins from the body.  

Myotherapy in the post surgical, the recovery and rehabilitative phases will be beneficial in helping to treat any compensatory issues, reduce stiffness and inflammation, help ensure scar tissue and adhesions are lessened.  Muscle therapy within the recovery phase will help to balance and strengthen any muscle discrepancies too allowing for better movement and flexibility.  

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